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B-Clean™ Nettoyeur/Sécheur Pour Pinceaux De Maquillage

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    B-Clean Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner | Makeup Brush Dryer | Cleans Like New Within 10 seconds | Includes 8 Different Size Collars for Different Brushes | Makeup Brush Washer

    Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner | Makeup Brush Washer | Quick and Convenient Cleaning | Complete Accessories Kit | Requires 2 AAA Batteries | Electric Brush Cleaner

    Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner | 2 in 1 Cleaning and Drying | Available in Three Different Colors | Quick and Easy Cleaning | One Touch Operation | Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

    B-Pure electric makeup brush cleaner and dryer cleans and dries your makeup brushes just like new and that too within seconds. With the included 8 different detachable collar sizes, you can easily fit most makeup brushes available in the market from large to small ones.


    Cleaner and Dryer – With the cleaner and dryer function, you can easily wash makeup brush by attaching it to spinner device with collar and spin in the water filled spinning bowl and get off any residual makeup. After washing, rinse with clean water and spin in empty spinning bowl to dry.

    Complete Accessories Kit – This complete accessory pack included everything you’ll need so that you don’t have to purchase anything separately. It includes brush spinning bowl, 8 flexible brush collars with stand, user manual, portable storage bag, spinner device and brush spindle.

    Universal Brush Holder Collars – The flexible brush holder collar attaches your brush to the brush spindle which attaches to spinning device. These collars come in eight different sizes and are also flexible. Their different sizes and flexibility allow you to easily attach any makeup brush available in the market.


    Cleans within Seconds – Cleans makeup brushes and prevents bacteria buildup within 10 seconds and also dries them for quick usage.
    Compact and Portable Design – You can always keep it with you while travelling because of its light and compact design.
    One Touch Operation – No complex procedures involved, simply press the button to start and press again to stop.

    B-Clean™ Nettoyeur/Sécheur Pour Pinceaux De Maquillage

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    B-Clean™ Nettoyeur/Sécheur Pour Pinceaux De Maquillage

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